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Privacy policy

For the NOBID Consortium’s website privacy policy please refer to: Privacy Policy

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Social media policy

The NOBID Consortium uses social media for institutional purposes, to increase transparency and knowledge of its activities.

Our content

The content published on our social media channels are designed to inform Public administrations, citizens and businesses about the activities, projects, initiatives and events promoted by the NOBID Consortium, with the aim to increase their dissemination. Social mediachannels are also used for encouraging participation through discussion and dialogue. Content and messages of public interest and utility that are produced by third parties (institutions, associations, companies, media, citizens) may also be shared through the NOBID Consortium’s channels, subject to verification of the reliability of the source.

Moderation and netiquette

The NOBID Consortium’s social media channels are usually monitored during office hours. The NOBID Consortium is committed to managing spaces for communication and dialogue within its profiles in the various social media by asking its users to respect a few simple rules:

1. Everyone is asked to express their opinion with fairness, measure and respect.

2. In social media, each individual is responsible for the content they publish and the opinions they express. Insults, vulgarity, threats and, in general, violent or defamatory attitudes will not be tolerated.

3. Published content must always respect people’s privacy. References to facts or details that are not of public relevance and that harm the private sphere of third parties are to be avoided.

4. The interest of the topics in relation to the activities of the NOBID Consortium is an essential requirement: it is not possible in any way to use these spaces for purposes other than institutional ones.

5. Each discussion is linked to a specific topic: all participants are asked to respect this, avoiding broadening the discussion in a generic and indiscriminate manner.

6. Any form of advertising, spamming or promotion of private interests or illegal activities will not be tolerated.

7. Content that infringes copyright or the unauthorised use of registered trademarks is not permitted.

In any case, where social media allow it, all posts, comments or audio/video material will be removed by the staff if:

  • they present inappropriate language and/or a threatening, violent, vulgar or disrespectful tone;
  • they have unlawful content or incitement to engage in unlawful activities;
  • they have content that is offensive, misleading, alarmist, or in violation of the rights of third parties;
  • they disclose personal data and information or that may cause damage or harm the reputation of third parties;
  • they have content that is obscene, pornographic or child pornographic, or likely to offend the sensibilities of users;
  • they have content that is discriminatory on grounds of gender, race, ethnicity, language, religious belief, political opinion, sexual orientation, age, personal and social conditions;
  • they promote or support illegal activities, violate copyright or misuse a registered trademark.

For those who repeatedly violate these conditions or those contained in the policies of the tools adopted, the NOBID Consortium reserves itself the right to use banning or blocking (when possible after an initial warning) to prevent further action, and to report the user to the platform managers and possibly to the police.

Privacy and processing of personal data

Please note that the processing of users’ personal data complies with the policies in use on the platforms used. Personal or sensitive data included in public comments or posts within the NOBID Consortium’s social media channels may be removed. Data shared by users through private messages sent directly to the channel managers will be processed in compliance with current data protection regulations and the NOBID Consortium Privacy Policy.

NOBID Consortium’ social media

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