The NOBID Consortium Large Scale Pilot is made up of nine Work Packages (WPs) working together as an ensemble. They are all responsible for specific activities to achieve the objectives of the LSP, which focuses on the implementation and testing of a payment solution for the European Digital Identity Wallet (EUDIW). 

WP3 is one of the three non-technical WPs of the NOBID Consortium. Its purpose is to engage additional partners, including both public and private actors from Member States that are currently not participating in the project, to ensure cross-border interoperability which represents a crucial factor for the success of the Wallet.  Latest additions include the Latvian Road Safety Directorate, CRIF and other Icelandic banks and merchants. 

In addition to defining requirements and processes for adding new partners, WP3 works continuously on inquiries from different entities that want to get in contact with our Consortium. As mentioned, WP3 is particularly interested in involving banks and merchants as new partners. If you wish to apply, please fill in the form on the “Join us” section of our website.